Voi hyvin (meaning ”feel well” in Finnish) organic honey is delicious, premium quality honey produced at our farm in Central Finland.

Natural, pure taste

The secret for our high quality honey is simple. We let our bees collect it from our local wild forest plants. Wild raspberry is the most important source of nectar for our bees, while wild blueberries, lingonberries and fireweed add to the unique full bodied aroma of the honey.

Creamy, velvety texture
Our creamed honey is velvety soft, easy to use, and has a long shelf life. Our natural creaming process works with the honey’s natural crystallization process. All honey is in liquid form when extracted from the hive, but practically all honey will eventually crystalize. While in many countries honey is artificially heated to filter out the crystals, we work with honey’s natural process, allowing it to crystalize but controlling its textural outcome. We periodically mix the honey in a cool tank, resulting in the formation of very small crystals that create a thick, velvety smooth texture and a slightly lighter colored honey.

High pollen content
As bees work their way into flowers, their bodies become dusted with pollen, and some of this pollen naturally mixes into the nectar collected by the bees. Pollen is also mixed to the honey during our extraction process, as pollen-filled cells and honey-filled cells are extracted together into our honey barrels. Laboratory analyses show that thanks to our honey extraction process, our honey contains much more pollen compared to that from other producers. The result? More nutritious pollen and delicious flavor in our honey.

Certified organic
All our honey is produced organically. State officials from the Finnish food safety authority EVIRA monitor all production processes.

Easy to use and enjoy
We pack our honey mainly in two kinds of packages, a 350 g paper jar and a 250 g tube. Our more traditional option, the paper jar, is made from environmentally-friendly paper and its fibers can be recycled for some other use. For extra convenience, we also pack honey in tubes. Just squeeze the honey out into your teacup, into yogurt and berries or where ever you like!