Komppa-Seppälä´s farm is located in Korpiaho, a village that is close to Korpilahti, both within Jyväskylä county limits. We specialize in beekeeping and we also farm organic hay, organic vegetables and other garden products for our personal consumption.

Our ecological lifestyle is a core value within our farm. New building construction as well as repairs are handled using timber extracted from our own managed forests and a variety of recycled materials. Most of our heating needs are satisfied with our own firewood. We also use certified renewable electric energy that is a bit more expensive than conventional electricity, but we believe it is important to support these initiatives.

An International Community
Summer in Finland is both short and intense. Almost all our flowers are in bloom at once, which shifts our bees’ work into high gear. Long days extended by sunny summer nights make the bees work and fly almost day and night. Bees need food every day during the year, but they can collect more than they use for only about six weeks in summer. When flowering and weather is optimum, one hive can collect as much as 6–10 kg (13-22 lbs) of honey! That peak day happens only once in summer, and not in every summer. Normal daily collections are 0.1-1 kg (0.2-2.2 lbs).
As we work with the bees, we also increase the work during summer. We have a team of busy beekeepers. Family and seasonal helpers work diligently to tend to our over 1000 hives, inspecting each one for its health and prosperity, all while raising young queens, maintaining equipment, and even capturing the occasional honeybee swarm— sometimes all of this in one day’s work! Our beekeeping team starts every morning to see the hives in different apiaries. Every hive is checked 9-10 days apart during the high season. Did you know a single hive box can weigh 25 kilos (55 lbs)? Professional beekeeping is not a job for the faint of heart—or muscle!


“The bees aren’t the only ones working day and night.”

In addition to our full-time beekeeping staff, the summer months fill our farm with international volunteers from around the world. Our summers are colourful with more than just our wildflowers—on a given day you may encounter up to ten different nationalities at a given time. The international flair is fun and adds vibrancy to our community; we enjoy working together while debating hot topics with people who have first hand experience of American student life, Indian small-scale farming, or the Italian political situation.