Keeping natural standards
Organic farming has been the obvious choice for us since the beginning. Our choice of going organic was based on environmental values but also for personal reasons. When we were in college working with standard horticultural and crop farms, we felt that herbicide spraying was truly awful work. We believed that on our own farm we do not want to be exposed to pesticides.

Ecological values
Our ecological way of life is part of our core values at our farm. This can be seen in our construction techniques and material use, renewable energy use and recycling. Our beekeeping is done ecologically, always minimizing the effects on the environment. It is very important for us that we have a positive effect on the natural world around us, as our bees help the environment by pollinating flowers and crops.

Respect for nature
Anybody that works in agricultural sectors knows the need for humility when dealing with nature. Professional experience and know-how plays a big role, but ultimately we all are at the mercy of our weather. This is especially true with the honeybee; In Finland’s short honey season, just a couple of weeks of defining weather patterns determine the whole year’s honey production.

Our farm integrates lots of international talent from our hired workers, to interns and volunteers. Many of them keep bees in their home country and bring us their valuable experience. In return, our volunteers get access to authentic Finnish culture and country life at the most grassroots level. We ourselves have been involved in development projects to teach beekeeping in Madagascar, Somalia and India. We value life in a small town, but at the same time value the insights we gain from a global perspective.

The promotion of the vitality of rural areas
We want to live and work in rural area and contribute to the vitality of the Finnish countryside. We hope that we are an example of a family living in the countryside, able to employ ourselves and our workers in a sustainable way. We want to produce high-quality products and to increase interaction between all producers and consumers.